What Readers Say

Feb 13, 2011
Dear Linda & Max:

I just finished reading” CHURCHILL’S SECRET AGENT,” and all I can say is ”WOW!”

Max from the first chapter to the last, once I entered your life and death world–I simply could not put your book down.

As I read your story, my eyes were opened to the many heroic, behind -the-scenes actsyou performed. I saw how instrumental you were in saving so many people’s lives. Clearly, these heroic acts helped to bring about a quicker end to World War II, thereby saving thousands of innocent lives.

Max, on a very personal level, you are, and always will be, my hero. This is because as a concentration camp prisoner on the brink of death, I was one of the people you helped to save. If the Americans had not liberated Dachau on April 29, 1945, I would not have survived another day.

Because of you, I have had a life, a wonderful family, and the blessings of becoming an American.

I am sure that your many readers will be awed by the fact that you were able to maintain your sanity and humanity despite the physical and mental tortures you had to withstand during your captivity.

I wish I had the words to express my feelings and the gratitude which I feel towards you.

G_D must be with you and he will keep you in good health. I am looking forward to celebrating with you at your centennial.

G-D Bless

Ben Lesser
P.S.  I can hardly wait to read your sequel!

Thank You
To Max, Linda
Feb 13, 2011

I just finished your book and am completely overwhelmed by your unimaginable story of audacity and bravery. Telling you “thank you for your service” is so inadequate in expressing appreciation for all that you and the other men and women of Europe accomplished in freeing the world of Nazi tyranny. The horror you experienced during your capture exceeds anything I can imagine or even begin to relate to.
Your exploits on skiis was especially personal in a very small way. I became a member of the National Ski Patrol in 1976 here in Washington State and was privileged to come to know Johnny Hight. John was one of the original members of the 10th Mountain Division. Even as the “old man” of the Snoqualmie Pass Ski Patrol, John was one of my heroes and the man I most wanted to be like. He skied well into his 80’s before having to give it up. As you described your final training and then the assault on the mountain fortress, l’Authion, I thought of Johnny.
Your book is truly a testament to people everywhere who want their freedom and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it. You, among men, are of our Greatest Generation.
Thank you … as inadequate as that is … thank you.
Brian N.
Nemo me impune lacassit

Devoured the book
Jan 19, 2011
Dear Max and Linda,
Pretty much read the book from cover to cover from Okinawa to D.C. It was definitely a “can’t put it down” book. Enjoyed it immensely…One thing I enjoyed the most is the wonderful detailed descriptions of the food and meals! I think this must be a fascinating twist for most readers of war novels…Another cool thing was the tension the book brings given the natural progression in danger of the missions…then if that isn’t enough, the daring mission on the fortress…
Did you get some contacts about putting this book in the military base book stores? I think it would be a big seller.
Russell G., CAPT
Medical Corps
US Navy

Jan 23, 2011
…It was an incredible story of such heroism and bravery. I feel like I got to know you and Winston Churchill…thank you for all you did.
Janice S.
Reston, Virginia

Great Book
Jan 13, 2011
My wife caught an interview of you in Reno NV and was captivated by your story…we purchased your book and I read straight through it…I too understand your concern that the current generation does not understand that something like you experienced could happen again…thank you for the work you are doing, to keep a proper perspective on what happened, as well for your courage to do what was right.
Carl J.

Jan 16, 2011
…Your courage and determination to rid your country, and the world, of the horrors of Nazism, is incredible. I kept telling myself throughout each chapter, “I wish I could meet this man!”  Please know that your story is etched in my mind forever and when I think about or hear comments about the Second World War, I will remember “one of the reasons we have the freedom we have today, is because of you”. I look forward to your next book.
Warmest Regards,
Bill H.

As a Jewish woman…
February 16, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I was awed at the heroic and ingenious way you carried out your missions, Max. As a Jewish woman, I was especially touched to learn how you saved so many Jewish children and fought tirelessly against the tyranny of the Nazis. Nearly 70 years after World War II it is amazing to learn how one man contributed so much to Hitler’s fall. I heartily thank you, Max, for everything you did to assist Mr. Churchill and others during that terrible time. Also, thank you Linda, for bringing your husband’s story to the public so he can be recognized, and we can understand more about forces that jeopardize our democracy and freedom.
Laura A.

A Total Gem
January 19, 2011
This definitely rates page-turner status. It’s a great read, partly because it’s not fancied up with the standard plot techniques of war and hero stories. It’s just this guy’s life. It feels real and immediate, and you root for him the whole way through. Also gives an awesome perspective on Churchill, one you don’t hear everyday. Thanks, Max and Linda, for a wonderful book.
By Zenzan222, amazon.com