Linda Ciampoli’s Bio

Linda Ciampoli (née Rhodes) was born in Los Angeles and raised in Long Beach, California. She studied at the University of Bordeaux and the Sorbonne in Paris and is a graduate of the Department of French at UCLA.  After attending graduate school, Linda lived for two years in Israel where she taught English to Israeli and Bedouin children.

Accomplished in many fields, Linda was pursuing a career in the hotel industry in Los Angeles when she and Max met in Marina del Rey. Friendship blossomed into romance, which they celebrated on a trip to France where they rediscovered its beauty together while riding on horseback through Provence.

Seeing Max’s love for horses, Linda took up riding herself when the couple returned to Los Angeles. Performing exhibitions on her Andalusian stallion became one of her passions; another followed soon after in her love of Flamenco dance.

After they were married in 1991, memories of World War II began haunting Max’s dreams. Linda suggested he use writing to liberate himself from the nightmares and diffuse their terrible hold on him. Since Max’s recollections of the time were in French, Linda was later able to utilize her skills to translate his writing into English and eventually to create the book, Churchill’s Secret Agent.

Since Max’s passing, Linda has taken up skiing, wakeboarding, and paddle boarding, and continues expanding her life in the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Max and Linda in Reno 1