Table of Contents


Part One: The Beginning

Chapter 1: Training

Chapter 2: The Hunt

Chapter 3: Learning to Parachute

Part Two: Behind Enemy Lines

Chapter 4: Spying in Africa

Chapter 5: Motorcycling in Europe

Chapter 6: Youth Camps in France

Chapter 7: Courage on Parade

Chapter 8: Gold Bullion

Chapter 9: Maxim’s

Chapter 10: Jews for Sale

Chapter 11: Josephine

Chapter 12: The Code of Combat

Chapter 13: Escape by Submarine

Chapter 14: Martinique

Chapter 15: Riding the Rails

Chapter 16: The Barber of Vienna

Chapter 17: Saving Thousands of Jewish Children

Chapter 18: The Vatican

Part Three: Marc, l’Ingénieux

Chapter 19: Crossing Europe on Foot

Chapter 20: Deliverance

Chapter 21: Christmas with Churchill

Chapter 22: Paying the French Communists

Chapter 23: Stealing a Submarine

Chapter 24: The Bank Robbery

Chapter 25: The Port of Saint-Nazaire

Chapter 26: Jailbreak

Chapter 27: Atomic Bomb

Chapter 28: Patton in North Africa

Part Four: To Hell and Back

Chapter 29: Captured

Chapter 30: Sanctuary

Chapter 31: Interrogation

Chapter 32: Torture

Chapter 33: Breakout

Chapter 34: The Monastery

Chapter 35: Convalescence

Chapter 36: Return to Combat

Chapter 37: Attack on l’Authion