Former Prussian Blue Duo Singing a Liberal Tune

Prussian Blue, former anti-Semitic, pro-white supremacist singing duo from Montana is long disbanded. Lamb and Lynx Gaede claim to no longer be white nationalists.

Says Lamb, “I’m not a white nationalist anymore. My sister and I are pretty liberal now.” And what does that mean?

The article in The Daily, first in five years of silence, tells of a change of tune in the now 19 year old twins of Pro-Nazi fame. Their lack of any real knowledge or education in this realm is shocking. Yet, I ask myself, how shocking is it really? How thorough is our education system in relating what really happened during World War II?


If you want to hold on to the belief that Pope Pius XII didn’t do enough to save Jews during World War II, go right ahead. Did he do enough? Well, who did besides Winston Churchill and a few others? But this article recognizes the pope for saving thousands of Jews, hiding over 5000 in convents, monasteries and schools in Rome and thousand more in the papal village. A catholic priest of the time, Gaetano Piccinini was just honored post-humously as a righteous Gentile.