The Eichmann Trial, by Deborah E. Lipstadt
The book review by Wall Street Journal’s David Pryce-Jones offers another look at the Eichmann Trial. In a court in Israel, the testimony of 100 Holocaust survivors, who had no previous interaction with Eichmann, brought to light the depravity of what went on in Germany during World War II. Each survivor’s story brought to life one little number of those 6 million lost. The little cog‘s “special task was to organize the deportation of Jews to killing centers. Allies or neutral governments occasionally petitioned him to release a Jewish citizen of theirs. He refused invariably.”

We can only hope the world does not not forget or become immune to the reality of what happens when those individuals gain power whose purpose is to annihilate entire peoples. This is a terrible warning of what generalizations about a people or group can do, no matter the color, race, gender, age, or religious belief that defines them. Lest we forget, there are good and bad tendencies in every group. Let us all focus on the good within us and others.

It is easy to find a scapegoat for an individual’s or for a society’s problems. Then the persons who proliferate the lies can grab the political and/or economic power. Simple plan that too often works.