Former Prussian Blue Duo Singing a Liberal Tune

Prussian Blue, former anti-Semitic, pro-white supremacist singing duo from Montana is long disbanded. Lamb and Lynx Gaede claim to no longer be white nationalists.

Says Lamb, “I’m not a white nationalist anymore. My sister and I are pretty liberal now.” And what does that mean?

The article in The Daily, first in five years of silence, tells of a change of tune in the now 19 year old twins of Pro-Nazi fame. Their lack of any real knowledge or education in this realm is shocking. Yet, I ask myself, how shocking is it really? How thorough is our education system in relating what really happened during World War II?

And Lamb and Lynx are the product of home-schooling. How much was their curriculum monitored? The answers, I do not have. But the result is scary. Not that the twins are typical. Certainly, they are not. But that this type of thinking exists and appears to be growing makes me shiver. Their opinions are simply the belief in what their mother taught them based on no fact whatever. The two girls blame their mother for raising them to spout certain philosophies that they really didn’t understand at the age of 13. The girls thought the whole thing was sort of a joke.

“The twins’ mother, April Gaede, who has been a prominent member of racist fringe groups like the National Alliance and the National Vanguard, brought up her daughters with the ethos of white nationalism — a mix of racial pride, anti-immigrant hostility, Holocaust denial and resistance to the encroachment of “muds,” i.e., Jews and nonwhites,” says The Daily.

Read this article and learn what we must not do to our children. Let’s provide them with facts and different points of view with explanations of why different peoples see things from varying perspectives. Lamb and Lynx, please read Churchill’s Secret Agent, a book based on the life of Max Ciampoli, my husband, who was REALLY THERE working for Winston Churchill. In the book, he recounts first-hand what he saw and experienced during the Second World War. Write to him. He’ll respond personally.

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