What an amazing experience photographer Yuri Dojc and filmmaker Katya Krausova had when they visited the country of their departed parents who were Holocaust survivors. You must read what happened to them in Slovakia! Photographs from the visit are now being exhibited in the “Last Folio” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City through August 9, 2011.

What was extraordinary was information they found out about family “coincidentally.” Though they were not looking for family historical facts when they were putting this exhibition together, I’m sure what they found made this a profoundly personal experience.

On our journey in writing the story of Max’s life, a couple of “coincidences” have come our way. At a book signing in northern California, we met a woman whose great aunt was Winston Churchill’s secretary at Chartwell. We are looking forward to the family finding a photo of her. In a recent e-mail, we have met the daughter of a restaurant equipment supplier who knew Max back in the 1950s when he was an Executive Chef. We are anxiously awaiting a photo of the man. Hopes that descendants of those he knew in France will materialize. If it can happen to Dojc and Krausova, it can happen to us.


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