This article tells of a great fundraising event to honor Dick Winters, one of the consumate leaders of Operation Overlord, so well-depicted in the HBO Band of Brothers mini-series. Several castmembers were at the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game to commemorate the Allied attack on the beaches of Normandy, France and to raise money for a statue of Dick Winters to be erected at this most important site.

We must never forget what happened during World War II and the incredible human beings who lost their lives fighting against the German war machine. We must equally remember and honor those brave men and women who are still here to tell us about it. We pause to thank the members of Easy Company, most especially the two who were able to come to the event: Babe Heffron and “Wild Bill” Guarnere.

Far from the coast of Normandy was another soldier, a seventeen-year old French lieutenant, Max Ciampoli, fighting the Nazis in another way, working as a spy for Winston Churchill. As we watched a documentary about World War II on la chaine 5, the French channel this evening, I saw him suffer yet again over what happened. When I saw his eyes fill up with tears, I asked Max what exactly he was thinking about. “What do you think!” he answered in a raised voice. “This terrible loss of lives!”

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