This uplifting article really touched us. It brought to mind Max’s true-life story of a little girl named Sarah. Max was responsible for getting thousands of Jewish children false Catholic identities to save them from the death camps. Little Sarah didn’t like the name Max had chosen for her: Suzanne. She would not accept it, could not be consoled and wouldn’t stop crying. Finally, he asked her if she had a friend whose name she really liked. Ange (angel in French)–Sarah really loved her friend and her name. And so it was that Sarah became Ange, and her life was saved. Not so for over a million others.

From the writeup, we learned about a hands-on creative experience for today’s youth to reach out to those 1.5 million innocent children killed by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers in World War II. If it were up to me, I’d have this information sent to every school in the United States. What an opportunity to do something meaningful!

Today, small hands are reaching back with love  to children alive over 70 years ago. They’re creating paper butterflies for them in remembrance. Zachor. It is different when you read about atrocities and when you take action. And these children are learning just that! They now have a direct connection to these departed youngsters.

“In remembrance of the children who needlessly suffered and died, the Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas, started The Butterfly Project.

“The Butterfly Project will culminate in the spring of 2013 with an exhibition of arts-and-crafts butterflies made throughout the world to symbolize the innocent child victims of the Holocaust.”

Those interested in making butterflies for the museum’s 2013 exhibition can email [email protected] or visit Click on: “Join the Butterfly Project” for more information. What a great way to feel empowered!

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