A new radio series began yesterday, March 14, 2011 in the United Kingdom based on the many little known qualities and achievements of Winston Churchill. Not only was he a great Prime Minister, he was a fine artist. That is how Max first met him on the French Riviera. Churchill was painting in front of his easel in the garden of the villa where he was staying that was only a short distance from where Max’s godfather lived. Max was only three or four years old at the time and his tutor often took him to visit his godfather in Cap d’Antibes.

The article goes on to mention that Churchill was a great animal lover, loved to ride horses and later raced and wagered on them. He just loved to gamble, loved the casinos, good cigars and cognac but “…was also a soldier, writer, farmer, orator, painter, racehorse breeder, scriptwriter, parrot owner and bricklayer.”

As a young man, Churchill was an expert fencer and also became a member of the bricklayers’ union. His interests were so varied, he could accurately be called a Renaissance man. Winston Churchill was a truly remarkable and kind man. Max considers it an honor to have known him, worked for him and to have lived at his country home during those World War II years.

This is only the beginning of the radio series. I hope to find more articles as time goes on.


  1. Best quote was by Sir David Cannadine: “I do not think that many of us appreciate the full dimensions of his personality and his genius.” (I believe the same can be said of young Max, Churchill’s “L’Ingenieux.”)

    – A good friend of mine who specializes as an avian veterinarian, introduced me to her Indigo Macaw and has discussed how it is a lifetime commitment because they live so long.
    – She was informed years ago of a bird Churchill had that was alive long after he passed away. It was apparently still alive after the year 2000. I asked Max about it but he doesn’t remember a bird being around where he was at the country estate. Maybe it was in London?
    – However, no question Churchill had an incredibly active mind and applied his talents to so many areas… But it was his extensive knowledge of history and literature that supplied him with such firm, “no-matter-what” conviction and made him an incredibly visionary and effective leader.
    – It is so great to finally have your book out, too, as most truly do not appreciate how much damage the underground did to the Nazi occupation…and how much average citizens, willing to take the risks even though it meant at times paying the ultimate price, when they come together to regain their freedom, it is unstoppable.

    Just my $.02

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