Pearl Harbor Day, An Appropriate Day to Release Our Book

(First blog in this series of seven: events that occurred before the book begins at Churchill’s country home.)

The publication of Churchill’s Secret Agent will be here before we know it. December 7, 2010 will be the 69th anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. As we all know, this is the incident that brought the U.S. military into World War II, a choice made by Franklin D. Roosevelt that changed the course of 20th century military history.

World War II veterans will never forget this moment in time. Though the English military and the French, German and other European Resistance groups were doing everything they could to conquer Germany, we desperately needed the United States to join the conflict against the Nazis. This was a turning point which would eventually lead to the defeat of the Third Reich.

When I began doing missions for Winston Churchill in 1940, he had already lost agent after agent due to undiscovered leaks in the British government. Repeatedly, French Militia or the SS would be waiting at the landing site to welcome his agent as he landed hanging from the black silk parachute. German sleeper cells were widespread in England, and German spies were well-integrated into the daily life of the British citizen.

Additionally, many citizens secretly supported Hitler because they simply hated Jews.

Most often I would stay at Mr. Churchill’s country estate. When he assigned me my first mission, Mr. Churchill told me that details of my missions were totally secret. Only he, his secretary and I would know about them. I would work alone most of the time. In today’s parlance, my undercover assignments would be called “black ops.”

Churchill would no longer allow any radio contact on the planes used for clandestine missions. When I arrived at the air field, it was usually a pilot and his Westland Lysander waiting to take me to a Europe dominated by the swastika flag.

Once in the air, I would personally hand the pilot the flight plan which would indicate the point at which he was to signal me to jump. Mr. Churchill believed these precautions would end the further and tragic loss of agents he had suffered. The extra measures worked, and the loss of agents ceased.

All these years later, I am still alive to share my story with you. Although we French were quickly defeated by a technically advanced German army, I was very fortunate to find a way to fight back, to help free France and rid the world of the Nazi menace.

My wife and I warmly welcome you to our website. We’ll blog again soon.


  1. Tim Trainor says

    As you know, I have been greatly anticipating this release of your story for years.

    This is a tale that has gone untold for far too long. Most are unaware of the critical and pivotal role the resistance played in making final victory possible for the Allies… And YOU, Max Ciampoli, sacrificed every iota of your identity, played an absolutely pivotal role in leading so many missions, and with no one but you and Mr. Churchill having knowledge of your activities–even your existence.

    There is just so much material I could comment on. However, I will say of your first mission, I can only imagine the degree of apprehension experienced upon learning all of your predecessors were captured and/or killed…and no one from the Allies could even acknowledge your existence–even if they wanted to. Wow! No pressure there…

    Also, I did not know you were usually air-dropped on the continent from a Lysander. Appropriate name, as it was the Spartan general Lysander who ended his era of the Peloponnesian wars. I would go so far as to say your efforts, Max, went a good long way towards preventing the Germans from total victory…and I thank you for that.

    I am so gratified that people are finally going to know about you and your exploits. God bless you and Linda, and all the best wishes for great success on your new novel.


    Tim Trainor

  2. Carolyn Quinn says

    Hi Max and Linda
    What a thrill to be able to see your wonderful history come alive in your book. After hearing many of your incredible stories, it is exciting to know it is to be published soon and so many more people will share in your knowledge of your times and values of WWII. God bless you for your service and your steadfastness in supporting your beliefs on behalf of voiceless victims of Hitler.
    Looking forward to getting your book and sharing it with my
    friends. You two are always in my heart.
    Love ya

  3. Hi Max and Linda,
    Good stuff, glad to see the reality of this,..knowing how long you have worked for this.
    Best Wishes!

  4. Hi, wonderfully written, I am so excited to read the book! All he best,and thank you for sending me the blogs,


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